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Essi Suomilammi

Registered Osteopath

Essi graduated from the European School of Osteopathy, Kent with a Master’s degree. She enjoys treating all kinds of people of any age with a special interest in acute and chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches due to her own experiences of migraines.

Essi uses a biopsychosocial model, meaning that she identifies all the factors contributing to patient’s complaint and not only focusing on relieving the symptoms. Together with the patient she tailors a management plan, which can be carried out from the clinic.

During Essi’s osteopathic treatments she uses various techniques including:

-       Joint manipulation/ articulations

-       Soft tissue massage/ stretching techniques

-       Cranial Osteopathy

-       Visceral Osteopathy

-       Medical Acupuncture (dry needling)

-       Kinesiology taping

-       Sports taping

-       Exercise advice

After Essi’s graduation as an osteopath, she continued studying with th Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and she now offers rehabilitation Pilates classes on a 1:1 basis. Pilates is a form of exercise to improve posture, muscle tone, flexibility and proprioception. It is particularly useful to those suffering with ongoing aches and pains. 

In the past, she was a keen dancer and athletic instructor for children giving her insight to sport related injuries. In her free time Essi plays the saxophone; she enjoys sport related activities such as yoga, running and gym. On holidays Essi likes hiking and has a passion for skiing and scuba diving.

I am just e-mailing you Stephen to let you know that my baby daughter’s tight tummy calmed down considerably after your treatment so thank you very much.

G. SW19

Stephen has been my osteopath for many years and has helped me recover from several serious operations. The atmosphere in the clinic is so calm and relaxing, and Stephen is an absolute professional in everything he does. He truly has healing hands.

Laura D

I have had several treatments with Steve over the years for neck pain, back pain and under active thyroid. Steve has natural healing hands as well as a bank of experience and knowledge, which enhance his effectiveness. He is a very skilled practitioner both sensitive and subtle with powerful results; I have completely recovered from these conditions.

Chrissie C Streatham

Just before Christmas, my back ‘went’. By ‘went’ I mean I could barely walk and had constant pain in my lower back and leg. I was off work and spent most of the time lying on the floor. I was treated by Stephen and Simon, both of whom have a professional but very calm manner – ideal for anyone who’s in a lot of pain. They identified muscle and sciatic nerve damage. They obviously knew what they were doing because the pain gradually started to ease, such that by the beginning of March I was back on the treadmill in the gym. Would I use SW19Osteopaths again? Definitely. Only this time I’d go sooner.

Sam B, SW19

My daughter has just played her cello for the first time in four months without experiencing pain. Stephen, we are amazed and delighted!

J. Wimbledon

I started seeing Lara about my sinuses, which have cleared. She has also helped me with my neck pain and digestive problems. Thank you so much Lara.

Anne, Teacher

Lara’s thoughtful, gentle, confident and knowledgeable approach results in the most expert therapeutic massage one could hope to receive. The outcome is therefore a very holistic one in which specific discomforts have been eased with and overall relaxation achieved at the same time. 

Helen, Colliers Wood

I rate Stephen very highly and would recommend him to anyone.

Jonathan M

I thought the treatment for pain in my knee was excellent. I felt I was being considered as an individual as Stephen listened to everything I said and gave a treatment appropriate to my needs. His approach was non-invasive. I began to notice an improvement in my knee after a couple of days and the pain has not recurred. To me, it felt as if each treatment enabled my body to correct itself and rebalance.

Sabine, Wimbledon

Following a breech caesarean birth, Max developed a tendency to turn his head to one side, and he developed a visibly flattened side of head. We were fortunate enough to know Steve's expertise in paediatric osteopathy and it was clear to see how passionate and informed he was regarding treatments and possible outcomes. Throughout the non-invasive treatment we felt totally at ease with Steve, as did Max who fell asleep! I would highly recommend Steve. We are extremely grateful for his time, care and attention to detail.

Andreas, Bex and Max. Raynes Park